What is DockerHub and how it works.

What is Docker HUB

Docker Hub is a cloud-based repository in which Docker users and partners create, test, store and distribute container images. … Or, they can choose a customized RDBMS from their company’s private repositoryDocker Hub is a cloud-hosted version of Docker Registry.

Through Docker Hub, a user can access public, open source image repositories, as well as use a space, to create their own private repositories, automated build functions, webhooks, and workgroups.

            You also can say that docker hub is a storage area where all the Containers images are placed on the cloud and also can you that cloud space to create their own image or repository for other users they wanted to use the same.

Docker Hub is a cloud-hosted version of Docker Registry. A Docker user can opt for Docker Registry, which is a stateless, open source and scalable server-side application if they prefer to maintain the storage and distribution of Docker images instead of relying on Docker’s service.

How Docker Hub repositories work

Image repositories are spaces within Docker Hub wherein users upload and store container images. Public repositories enable users to share and collaborate on container images. Private repositories protect any sensitive or proprietary data from unauthorized persons.

To push an image to Docker Hub, a user must do the following:

  1. Set the environment variable in the Docker terminal to her Docker ID, which is the username shared between Docker Hub and Docker Cloud.
  2. Log into Docker Cloud with the docker login command.
  3. Tag the specified image using docker tag.
  4. Push the image to Docker Hub with docker push.
  5. Check Docker Cloud to ensure the image appears in her repository.

A user pulls an image from Docker Hub with the docker pull command.

Container images stored in repositories on Docker Hub feature tags, which categorize the images under relevant headings, such as the base OS version, container function and whether it is the most recent update of the image, with the designation latest.


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